Tuesday, October 12, 2010

15 Wedding Décor Ideas

1. Eco Chic: This trend is here to stay. Use “earthy” tones for your linen, fresh local flowers or plants from the farmer’s market for your centerpieces or grandma’s home-made jam for your guest favors.

2. Glam Blast from the Past: Combine vintage colors and patterns like damask or lace with a light blush pink or ivory color and accent the table with some bling and pearls to create a glamorous 40’s vintage look.

3. Myth Buster: One of the most common mistakes brides make is matching their bridesmaids’ dresses with the tablecloths. Instead of blending in your bridal party with the linen, use contrasting colours with accents so they stand out from the crowd… and the tables!

4. Something Blue: Teals, turquoises and navy blues are making their way with gorgeous tones and combinations. Whether it’s in your linens, flowers or dresses, blue is on its way back.
5. Mix it Up: To make your décor more interesting use centerpieces with different heights, a mixture of containers and unique fillers like feathers or fruits while keeping a cohesive look.
6. Set the Mood: Lounge themes are hot this season. Include couches, large pillows and small tables to create a fun, laid back atmosphere.
7. First Class Seating: Add an elegant touch by using chiavari chairs or ghost chairs adorned with chair sashes or ornamental objects to accentuate your colours.
8. Under the Big Tent: Outdoor weddings are becoming more popular, with a variety of tent sizes to choose from, you can enjoy your special day surrounded by nature and your loved ones.

9. Lighting is Key: Special event lighting is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to decorating and setting a mood. Use your wedding colors to light the room or just shine a couple bursts of light on your main focal points in the room.

10. Dance Till You Drop: Dance floors have come a long way. Try a digital dance floor that projects interactive images while your guests dance the night away.

11. Wedding Fashionista: Next time you’re in the mall, pay attention to clothing and home décor color trends. Chances are the wedding color trends are soon to follow and you’ll be ahead of the game!
12. Covered Up: For a softer look use rented chiffon draping to cover the walls of any venue or tent.
13. That’s a Wrap: Take your cupcakes further with color coordinated cupcake wrappers. You can find them in all colors or even patterns such as damask, poka dot, butterfly cutouts and more.

14. All Eyes on You: If a long head table isn’t your style, try a different table shape. A boardroom style head table has the bridal party sitting across from one another and the bride and groom at the top of the table side by side. Or try a round table in the centre of the room for a change. Both will allow free flowing conversation instead only having the people next to you to speak to.
15. Story Boards: Having troubles putting things together? Create a wedding story board by cutting out different ideas from magazines, the internet or books and paste them onto a huge poster board to help you and other people helping you visualize what your wedding day will look like.

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  1. ghost chairs with cushions or ribboned backs are great, or just unadorned to instantly modernize a wedding ceremony OR reception!

  2. Love everything on this post! Those ideas are very inspiring especially the table with damask tablecloths. I can see that it is one of the most elegant and sophisticated patterns out there for a gorgeous wedding reception table. Lovely setting!